Top 10 of the things to do when you’re bored…


The first thing we all do when we are bored is to check snapchat, messenger or twitter on our phones, but there are plenty of other things to do. Here is my top 10 :

- read a book, a magazine or a newspaper

- listen to music

- solve the labyrinth at the back of the cereal box

- bake tasty cookies

- eat the cookies or anything you can find in your cupboard

- work out to loose the calories you have just eaten (stupid cookies : ten seconds in your mouth, forever in your butt…)

- tidy up your messy bedroom

- lie on your bed to think about the true sense of life

- take a nap and dream about cookies again

- take a bath with a cream mask and slices of cucumber on your eyes, it is detox, they say… But eventually it is not relaxing at all, you seem to have tzatziki on your face…

Hope this will inspire you for your next sunday afternoon, xoxo

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