Experience a week without your cellphone


Here is a nice testimony of a girl who switched off her cellphone for a week (might be a good resolution for new year, don’t you think?) :

11 Things I Learned During My Week Without A Cell Phone

R.I.P. iPhone 4.

Aubrey Murtha in The List on Dec 7, 2015

Cell phones are our everything these days. Middle schoolers check Insta every 35 seconds to see how many likes their most recent post has. College kids spend every moment of their free time snapping or texting or left-swiping. Even the over-40s, those who stereotypically claim to be traditionalists or proudly anti-technology, are falling into the cell phone trap. We are obsessed. 

So, you can imagine my anxiety level last Monday when my trusty iPhone 4 decided it was his time to leave me. This guy had been with me through thick and thin. He had survived many drops, smacks, crushes, throws, and kerplunks. Apparently, you can drop an iPhone in the toilet, it can survive for three days and work perfectly fine, and then it can suddenly die on you. This was news to me. Needless to say, his sad death was unexpected, heart wrenching, and left me phoneless for quite some time. Alas, I thought my life was over. How would I ever be able to lead a normal life without him? 

Turns out, being phoneless for « quite some time » taught me a few interesting things…

1. Face-to-face conversations are actually enjoyable.

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(GASP!) Who would have thought it could be true! Yes, friends, talking to someone face to face can sometimes be a real treat — unless, of course, you don’t like said someone. Anyway, this week I had some pretty great conversations with some pretty great people without using a device to facilitate our communication. It was a truly remarkable experience, and I’d highly suggest it to any of you readers.

2. If he/she wants to contact you, he/she will find a way.

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That’s right. When your phone dies, you find out who really cares about communicating with you. Thanks to the 10 or so people who messaged me on Facebook to talk about life. To the rest of you…

3. Falling asleep at night is way easier without a phone.


It’s a weird thing to point out, but sleeping is way easier when I do not have a cell phone around to distract me from the task of falling asleep. It’s awesome to just get in bed, close my eyes, and drift off into a sweet slumber. So often I am roused by a buzz or a lit-up screen or the temptation to check my notifications. No phone = good sleep.

4. I can actually stand in an elevator with another human and not have to stare at my phone while doing so.


Ok, this realization was particularly shocking. I am the type who ALWAYS whips out her phone in an elevator. Something about standing there in an enclosed space with one other person who appears to be really disinterested in you makes it very difficult to stand still without making yourself look busy. But, as it turns out, it is physically possible, and I am living proof. Disclaimer: Elevators are and forever will be awkward, with or without a cellular device in hand.

5. Daily life is doable without a phone.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a phone to go about your normal routine. Actually, I’ve found out that I am more efficient with my time when I do not have my cell phone. So, in essence, my daily life is better and more productive without my device.

6. I listen better in class without phone.


This is kind of a no-brainer. No phone in class means no texting while my professor is giving a thrilling lecture on the emergence of the novel as a viable literary form in 18th century England.

7. I’m actually not missing out on too much.


OK, so I am not a part of that 12-person group chat anymore, but I realize that it isn’t so bad to be removed from all of that nonsense. We all know how ridiculous those conversations can be, and I do not miss the obscene number of notifications that would bombard my phone when the group chat was particularly active.

8. Facebook is definitely not obsolete.


Despite rumors I’ve been hearing that the popularity of Facebook is dying, I’m still a big fan. In fact, it has really been my only way of communicating with my family while I’ve been phoneless, so God bless the trusty FB message.

9. It’s annoying as hell when I’m talking to someone and he/she is on his/her phone.

Social Media Is Killing More Than Just Speech by Jonathan Saipe

So, I am going to quit my habit of busying myself on my phone while someone is telling me a story or explaining something to me. Without my phone, I’ve quickly realized that it is incredibly frustrating to talk to someone when he/she is not making any sort of eye contact with you or trying to engage in discussion with you. I probably would not have realized this had I had my phone this week, because I, too, would have been guilty of committing this social ill.

10. We rely on technology way more than we need to.


Honestly, I’ve been perfectly fine this week without me phone. I think I learned that I don’t need it as much as I think I do and that it was ridiculous of me to become anxious about what my life would turn into without my having easy access to a cell phone. It really hasn’t been a big deal. We can live our lives without being plugged in 24/7.

11. I don’t need Tinder to get guys.


Wait, JK, yeah I do.

Obviously, I say much of this tongue-in-cheek, but I really do mean it when I say that not having a phone for a week has proven to be both an interesting and an enjoyable experience. Maybe we should all drop our phones in the toilet a little more often. 


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